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Selecting a Weight Class: The Definitive Guide for Strength Athletes

A guide to identifying which weight class is best for you


Learn how to select YOUR optimal weight class

You’re a Powerlifter or Weightlifter, and you’re looking to be the best you can be. Now it’s time to optimize your weight class and learn which one is right for you.

We teach you everything you need to know about selecting a weight class that’s best for YOU. You’ll also learn all the steps needed to get you there.

IN THIS GUIDE, You will learn:

  • How to pick a weight class that’s right for you

  • Why body composition matters for strength athletes

  • How to optimize your body composition to make you competitive

  • How to structure your eating phases to help you reach your optimal weight category



I can’t believe this guide is free...I haven’t seen this information like this anywhere else! I finally feel like I have a great grasp now on how to properly fill out my weight class.
— Cat Smith, Team Great Britain Athlete, 3x National Champion

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