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Ultimate Guide to Cutting Weight for Strength Athletes

A guide to cutting weight for powerlifting & weightlifting competitions. Learn how cut weight effectively and maximize your performance on meet day.


Cutting weight for a competition shouldn’t impact your performance.

We teach you everything you need to know about effectively cutting weight for a powerlifting or weightlifting competition without sacrificing your performance.

Our guide synthesizes all of the current scientific literature available on the topic into a single easy-to-understand e-book, and covers everything from the science behind cutting weight, to actionable steps that you can immediately apply to yourself.

This is the most comprehensive guide available and best of all, it’s absolutely FREE.

IN THIS GUIDE, You will learn:

  • The methods used to easily cut weight for powerlifting & weightlifting competitions without sacrificing your performance

  • How to properly rehydrate yourself post weigh-ins

  • The science behind cutting weight

  • What NOT to do during a weight cut

  • Which foods you should eat leading up to a meet, and post weigh-ins

  • Last minute tips & tricks


This is hands down the best content I’ve ever come across for making weight. After going through this guide, making weight’s now a breeze, and my performance has been better than ever
— Amanda Braddock, Team Canada Athlete 3x 49kg National Champ, Pan am games gold medalist

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