Performance Nutrition Coaching for Female Athletes

Achieve your goals with guidance and accountability



Personalized nutrition program that adapts to your needs

Every plan is personalized to your needs, and includes caloric & macronutrient targets, nutrient timing & supplementation protocols and a conditioning program if necessary.


Nutrition, stress free

Take the guesswork out of nutrition. With your nutrition coach managing every aspect of your diet, you’ll no longer have to worry about whether you’re doing it right.


Access & Support

You have complete access to your coach wherever, whenever. You can access your coach anytime via instant messaging, phone or video call.


Competition Management

Say goodbye to stressful weight cuts leading up to an important meet and let the experts handle that for you. With Vera Performance, your coach will manage your weight for competitions, and ensure that you make weight with ease.


Designed for Female Athletes


A modern Approach

A female athletes needs are unique, and we’ve taken that into consideration. Our team has designed a nutrition program specifically for female athletes to ensure their needs are met.

Adapted to you

Your program will adapt throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle to optimize performance and keep you training at your best.


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